INCORR Lead / Silver / Antimony Anodes are suitable for wharves and jetties, offshore mobile drilling rigs and other structure in seawater.

Lead / Silver/ Antimony anodes can perform effectively as a semi-permanent anode due to the formation of a PbO2 layer. This will also be formed when lead is used alone. However, this PbO layer will be very porous if lead is not alloyed with silver / antimony. The PbO2 layer will not form either if the anode current density is too low or lack of oxygen.

However, in some cases such as installing the Lead / Silver / Antimony anode in fresh water, the oxygen generated not only forms the PbO2 but may also spall of the PbO2 layer. For these reasons, we normally install Lead / Silver / Antimony Anode in seawater installations but not in fresh water, soil or seabed.

The consumption rate of Lead / Silver / Antimony Anode is in the range of 45 gm/Amp-yr to 65 gm/Amp-yr.


Element Composition (Weight %)
Lead 93
Antimony 6
Silver 1


Anode Type Nett anode weight (kg) Anode length L (mm) Anode diameter (mm)
IL-45 45 975 75
IL-23 23 975 54

Note: All anodes fitted with standard 6m x 35mm XLPE/PVC cathodic protection copper cable. Other cables such as submarine cables are available on request.

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